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Elite Leather Care was formed out of passion, need, and love of craftsmanship. After more than 30 years working in the Aviation Maintenance Industry we always had a need to have our client's leather serviced. There seemed to be a mystery on how to treat the material. As a result of my passion for working on aircraft, the craftsmanship, and the challenge involved in the maintenance, repair, and refinishing of leather seating to make it look like new again. The leather work we have preformed on Aircraft has delighted our customers resulting in major savings compared to replacement.

Elite Leather Care Provides Professional Excellent Service

Leather seating in aircraft is beautiful luxurious and comfortable. Leathers are a natural material requiring some maintenance to maintain its beauty and its comfortable feel. The condition of the surface changes subtly with soil and wear or quickly with a stain. Elite Leather Care can help you with those changes taking leather that is still in good condition and changing the appearance to like new again.

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What Our Clients Say

Elite Leather Care saved the day on the sale of a 2004 King Air B200. We had just listed this aircraft on brokerage coming out of a high utilization charter operation.When we looked at the interior of the B200, we were stunned at how much wear, stains and discoloration were on the leather seats. With prospective buyers coming from France the following Monday, https://eliteleathercare.com

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We at CTP Aviation have benefitted from the skills of the staff at Elite Leather Care on many occasions. Ron and his crew have responded to our usually tight charter schedule with special requests for tough detailing time and time again. We have also used elite for complete refurbish of interior leather components on four fleet aircraft, and the service has been timely, professional, and cost efficient. https://eliteleathercare.com

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Aircraft  Leather Care Services

Maintaining your leather investment can save a significant amount of money when you choose to implement a leather preventive maintenance program by incorporating scheduled cleaning and conditioning. During this time corrective procedures can be accomplished such as removing ink marks, stains, abrasions, or scuffs. Our experience allows us to know potential problem areas, applying additional topcoats to high traffic areas enhances the wear capabilities. Once you are established on a routine program this should be all you need to keep your interior looking like new.

With the cost of reupholstering and down time, it pays to implement a maintenance program to clean, protect and extend the life of your leathers. The frequency of the maintenance depends on the traffic the units will have.

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" With more than 30 years of hands on aircraft maintenance and pilot experience I am sensitive to quality and the attention to detail your aircraft deserves ".


Ronald R. Sanow



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