About Us

Elite Leather Care is a company founded by Ron and Tricia Sanow to add value to leather seating and interior products for Aircraft, through cleaning, conditioning, repairing, and or refinishing of the leather.

My history is in the General Aviation Maintenance Industry for more than 30 years as an Airframe Powerplant Mechanic, Pilot, and Maintenance supervisor, an area where quality and craftsmanship is a process that is understood and owners expect. I have always had a passion for working on aircraft and craftsmanship type of work. I worked as the Director of Maintenance with a west coast Independent Beechcraft service center for 25 years. We always had the need for Leather Service on the aircraft and found it difficult to find a company that had a good eye for detail, then taking the time to get it done right.

Leather is a natural fiber that is comfortable, strong with high tear, puncture & fire resistant, and a symbol of beauty and quality. Leather will last four times longer than fabric. As a natural fiber leather needs a certain amount of maintenance to keep its luster, comfort, and looking new and lasting as long as possible. While some of the maintenance can be accomplished by you, there are times you may need a professional.

I encourage you to take a close look at your leather, sometimes we are surprised what we see. The subtle build up of dirt and soil will wear away protective coatings on the surface exposing the dye and underlying leather. This can be prevented with thorough cleaning of the surface and application of a good conditioner to keep the leather fibers lubricated to give it a soft feel and long life.

Ronald R. Sanow