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Aircraft Preventive / Routine Maintenance

Maintaining your leather investment can save a significant amount of money when you choose to implement a leather preventive maintenance program by incorporating scheduled cleaning and conditioning. During this time corrective procedures can be accomplished such as removing ink marks, stains, abrasions, or scuffs. Our experience allows us to know potential problem areas, applying additional topcoats to high traffic areas enhances the wear capabilities. Once you are established on a routine program this should be all you need to keep your interior looking like new.

With the cost of reupholstering and down time, it pays to implement a maintenance program to clean, protect and extend the life of your leathers. The frequency of the maintenance depends on the traffic the units will have.

Elite Leather Care has typically 4 levels of aircraft service

Level 1. Cleaning and conditioning of the leather on seating, sidewalls, and tables. We do a deep cleaning; normally leather is cleaned by wiping with a cleaner with a cloth not really removing the soil from the leather grain. We scrub the seating completely removing soil out of the leather grain, rinse the area with a damp towel, and dry with a towel, apply a leather conditioner, then buff the seat. Keeping the seat clean will help prevent accelerated wear of the leather surface.


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Level 2. Cleaning, conditioning, color touch up on high traffic areas such as the armrests, removal and correction of scuffs, stains, minor holes, abrasions, and ink marks will be done in this level.This process is for leather with some history of use and the leather is in good condition. Conditioner is applied to help lubricate the fibers and leave a protective barrier coating.

Level 3. Cleaning, Conditioning, Touch up with Color enhancement of seat armrests. This level provides all of level 2 service plus color enhancement and restoration (application of dye and topcoat on a prepared surface of a worn, seriously stained, or discolored) of seat armrest. An extra layer of topcoat would be applied to high traffic areas during the process to improve wear capabilities.


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Level 4. Color enhancement and restoration is a process to provide new life to leather that in good condition the leather would provide many more years of useful service. This means that the finish on the leather surface has worn off, seriously stained, or discolored. After preparing the surface both color and topcoat will be applied, replicating the same process used in the tanneries followed by an application of Townsend Leather Conditioner. The amount of time for restoration is a few days and can be performed when the aircraft is down for other maintenance.

Elite Leather Care offers FAA approved aircraft leather maintenance, repair, and restoration services through a licensed agreement with Townsend Leather Group. The leather in your aircraft will be cared for by a professionally trained Aviation Certified FAA A&P Technician.



" With more than 30 years of hands on aircraft maintenance and pilot experience I am sensitive to quality and the attention to detail your aircraft deserves ".

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Ronald R. Sanow