• Garments: Elite currently does not perform cleaning, repairs, or refinishing on these articles.

• What do I use to clean furniture?: Use a damp cloth to remove airborne contaminants frequently. Clean dirty leather with a low pH balanced cleaner (high pH cleaners will remove the natural oils from the leather causing premature aging).

• Leather discoloration, rotting coming apart: Often caused by body oil sand sweat. Check for discoloration of the leather and stiffness of the material on the head rest, arms and leading edges of cushions. If the condition is caught early a good cleaning and conditioning will correct the problem if not some professional help will be required to restore the areas.

• Color transfer of fabric to the leather: The leather has been cleaned with an agent that has removed the protective topcoat from the dye; the dye is exposed and is allowing the transfer of color to happen. Professional help will be needed it restore the color and a new protective topcoat applied.

• Leather has become very faded: Direct sunlight will fade the leather Aniline dyed leather furniture is very susceptible to direct sunlight, fading of the dye and drying the leather.

• Ink marks will they come out? Using ink mark remover at the time it happens,you will have a good chance of removing the mark, but after that it will absorb into the material and some professional help will be needed to remove and restore the area. Marking pens are permanent when it happens, but can be repaired by a professional.